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Ice Skating

I went shopping on Sunday so I could go iceskating as well as to the gym. This was the outfit I wore (more or less) skating on Sunday. I’ll just wear the same thing minus the sweater and warm toque to the gym. I’ll cover my head with a running toque.


The Fitness Dilema

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find clothes I feel comfy in and can exercise in. Not the easiest. I will likely have to break a four-year “dry spell” and purchase pants.

I currently roller skate in “workout tights” and an above the knee flounced skirt. I wear a high-cut neckline and long sleeves. The sleeves go under the elbow and wrist protection so the gear doesn’t get quick as  . . . pungent.

I am going to start going to the gym next week – personal trainer is all lined up. I got a hell of a deal (reads: free). I’ve got the longer cotton shirts but I’ll need to start doing something a bit different than a frilly skirt over snug leggings. The thought of pants is still making me a little crazy. Shorts somehow feel better. Being budget conscious I also want these leg coverings to work for ice skating.

Yes, ice skating. My husband grew up playing the oh-so-Canadian Pond Hockey. He loves to skate. So in an effort to find something to do together I ran out and purchased my very first pair of recreational figure skates. I’ve skated on ice before with varying results but figure the recent resurgence in roller skating will at least help me with some more muscle control and some of the techniques cross-over (I can do those) but my goodness the blades seem really thin when switching from quads (geek for roller skate).

I digress.

The hair thing is fairly easy when it comes to roller. I wear a running hat underneath my helmet. Ice skating lends itself well to a toque. I figure for working out I can use the same running cap to keep my hair out of my face. I’m a tad worried about pilates, which the trainer recommended I do for balance and core work. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Put Some Pants On!

I don’t own pants. No I don’t. It doesn’t have much to do with being modest though. It has more to do with looking and feeling like a girl. I gave up on pants 4+ years ago. I was sick of trying to find pants that fit. I was tired of feeling like a slob because all I was wearing was jeans, T-shirts and skate shoes. I just wanted out of my rut and to feel pretty and feminine. So I no longer even own pants and that’s that.

No,  I don’t get cold in the “winter.” (Have you seen what the Canadian West Coast and American Pacific North West call winter?) Tights, leg warmer, knee-high socks and boots keep me warm and dryish. If I get really cold I put my feather-weight long-johns under my tights and I’m toasty. I can’t imagine how cold people get when they’re only wearing jeans (or maybe I just forgot).

No, I don’t think pants are bad. Pants just aren’t for me. The only time I feel pants are immodest is when they’re too tight or the rise is too low. I don’t see pants as a strictly male garment. Back in the day, in many parts of Europe, everyone wore tunics (reads: dresses). Men’s tunics tended to be shorter, but still, we don’t consider dresses male garments today. My convoluted point is that pants or skirts can be modest or immodest. I think it is primarily a matter of cut.

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