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Modesty in the Doctor’s Office

I was reading a bioethics blog about modesty in the medical profession. Note that there is a naked male statue pictured in the post which can be found here.

And so the question: Does modesty have a place in the doctor’s office? And if so, what does it look like?

Being a younger, and fortunate,  woman I have yet to need serious medical attention in a hurry. My family doctors have always been female. And you can rest assured that I know how lucky I am to have even found a GP let alone, a young female doctor.

I see a registered massage therapist (RMT) on an ongoing basis. Female. Acupuncture – Female. Chiropractor, well, he’s a man. And that is the one concession I’ve made to date. I do have to remove my hat or headscarf for him to properly adjust all the crooked parts. He does have to touch my back, head, arms and legs.

At first, having a man doctor, besides my dentist, was a bit strange. I haven’t looked for a female chiropractor because the one I see direct bills the insurance company and gives me a student rate. No one gives you that deal but him. My personal way of rationalising this is that my clothes are on, and I no longer have headaches or tingly feet.

I don’t imagine that I’ll have a male maternity doctor. While I know several female doctors, I imagine that when I have a screaming, pooping, bundle of fun, I’ll head to a midwife. That’s a whole other discussion which doesn’t fall under the purview of this blog.

Should I require emergency medical attention where my body would need to be exposed to medical professionals who are also men I’d deal with it. I can tell you I might hate every damned second of it but it couldn’t be any worse, or more uncomfortable, than the predicament I was already in before I got there. I would only hope that they would conduct themselves in a manner we have come to expect of medical professionals.

What are your thoughts?