Put Some Pants On!

I don’t own pants. No I don’t. It doesn’t have much to do with being modest though. It has more to do with looking and feeling like a girl. I gave up on pants 4+ years ago. I was sick of trying to find pants that fit. I was tired of feeling like a slob because all I was wearing was jeans, T-shirts and skate shoes. I just wanted out of my rut and to feel pretty and feminine. So I no longer even own pants and that’s that.

No,  I don’t get cold in the “winter.” (Have you seen what the Canadian West Coast and American Pacific North West call winter?) Tights, leg warmer, knee-high socks and boots keep me warm and dryish. If I get really cold I put my feather-weight long-johns under my tights and I’m toasty. I can’t imagine how cold people get when they’re only wearing jeans (or maybe I just forgot).

No, I don’t think pants are bad. Pants just aren’t for me. The only time I feel pants are immodest is when they’re too tight or the rise is too low. I don’t see pants as a strictly male garment. Back in the day, in many parts of Europe, everyone wore tunics (reads: dresses). Men’s tunics tended to be shorter, but still, we don’t consider dresses male garments today. My convoluted point is that pants or skirts can be modest or immodest. I think it is primarily a matter of cut.

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