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Another Day at the Office

Ok, so my head covering seems to be most of what I’ve been talking about recently but it is the most obvious thing about me to the casual observer.

Dr Y, one of the other drs at the office said to me, “You know, I keep thinking I just want to know what your hair looks like.”
“…Like hair,” I shrug.
“I keep telling my daughter, whose 13, that its more intriguing when your more covered up. But she’s 13. This really proves the point though.”

How nice is that?! This is one of the drs that I don’t work with that much. She stopped me to make a positive comment about my mode of dress (I just can’t think of a better term/word). It was really nice to have someone who follows the prevailing styles of the day reaffirm the idea that coverage is a wonderful thing. She may not cover-up to the extreme that I do, nor expect that of her daughter, but perhaps that makes it even better.

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