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I am CUC. I live in BC with my husband and two kitties.

I am ridiculously opinionated and will rale against many things. I honestly d perscribe to a “live and let live” philosophy but it may get lost in the rant.

I can be emailed at Canadianundercover(at)

My modesty standards are personally set and enforced. As an Orthodox Christian, there is no community standard. I roughly follow the Jewish standards in terms of coverage.  I cover, more or less, to the elbow. I don’t show cleavage  and skirts generally come to my knee or just above. My hair is covered in public or in my home when there are unrelated men present.

I started Canadian Undercover after much contact with many online modesty communities and too many hours spent meandering around the internet, I didn’t find anything that quite answered all my questions. There are many wonderful groups on the internet but many of them are forums and require membership. I wanted personal stories and ongoing contact.

I knew that having something available to anyone who wanted it, without the need to sign up would mean more access to information. I knew that posting regularly meant people could follow my story. So while I write because modesty and its issues interest me, the motivation is to provide support and information to those who are interested in or are trying to be, more modest. This is also for those of us who are where we want to be, be they niquabi or bikini-wearing beach-lover. All are welcome.


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  1. Just found your blog! I really like it. I’ve added it to my site.

    Fashion Belle Editor

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