Ice Skating

I went shopping on Sunday so I could go iceskating as well as to the gym. This was the outfit I wore (more or less) skating on Sunday. I’ll just wear the same thing minus the sweater and warm toque to the gym. I’ll cover my head with a running toque.


2 responses to “Ice Skating

  1. Male's perspective

    Those pants look a little too tight in my opinion. Try to find pants with a little looser fabric around the butt.

    • I agree. They really are too tight. The “cardigan” is nearly a dress and stops only a couple inches above my knees. I really didn’t want the whole world to see my backside but I do need some pants that aren’t going to flop all over during pilates.

      Do you have any suggestions in terms of pants for active wear? I just feel like sweat pants would be either too warm or sloppy.

      Thanks again.

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