The Fitness Dilema

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find clothes I feel comfy in and can exercise in. Not the easiest. I will likely have to break a four-year “dry spell” and purchase pants.

I currently roller skate in “workout tights” and an above the knee flounced skirt. I wear a high-cut neckline and long sleeves. The sleeves go under the elbow and wrist protection so the gear doesn’t get quick as  . . . pungent.

I am going to start going to the gym next week – personal trainer is all lined up. I got a hell of a deal (reads: free). I’ve got the longer cotton shirts but I’ll need to start doing something a bit different than a frilly skirt over snug leggings. The thought of pants is still making me a little crazy. Shorts somehow feel better. Being budget conscious I also want these leg coverings to work for ice skating.

Yes, ice skating. My husband grew up playing the oh-so-Canadian Pond Hockey. He loves to skate. So in an effort to find something to do together I ran out and purchased my very first pair of recreational figure skates. I’ve skated on ice before with varying results but figure the recent resurgence in roller skating will at least help me with some more muscle control and some of the techniques cross-over (I can do those) but my goodness the blades seem really thin when switching from quads (geek for roller skate).

I digress.

The hair thing is fairly easy when it comes to roller. I wear a running hat underneath my helmet. Ice skating lends itself well to a toque. I figure for working out I can use the same running cap to keep my hair out of my face. I’m a tad worried about pilates, which the trainer recommended I do for balance and core work. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Any suggestions would be helpful.


2 responses to “The Fitness Dilema

  1. Hello! I just found your blog (I’m really enjoying what I’ve been reading) so I’m not yet sure if you sew or not. I’m also not entirely sure of the range of motion that pilates entails. If you do sew or know someone who does, I’ve found that the Simplicity pattern number 2655 makes a great exercise skirt if it’s made out of a sturdy cotton. (Of course with backup leggings underneath.) I’ve done Tai Chi and Fencing in view A and had no problem with lunging deep enough without stepping on my hem.

    • Think of yoga as pilates slower moving sibling. You can end up with your legs in the air while on your back. I had found a more snug, cotton knit skirt that looks like it might not flip up. They didn’t have it in my size.

      I like the skirt pattern. I’m a very accomplished seamstress, so that’s not an issue. I’m going to keep that pattern in mind for the next skirt I make. It’s cute. I might make it for ice skating. Enough room to move around without having it right down to the ankles. Thanks for the suggestion!

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