Well Kept and Well Covered

It is a fact that hair grows, covered or not. It is also a fact that every few months I start to feel a little drab and the cure is a hair cut. This begs the question: If you cover when you’re out of your house, why do you get your hair cut? It is also commonly mused that the shearing of my locks must take place where prying eyes are found.

I get my hair cut the same place everyone else does, at the salon. Yes people can see me with my hair down. I sit down in the chair, uncover, get a cut, and cover up.

So why bother? It’s the same reason many women will get a bikini wax in winter. The thought process is similar to puting on nice under-things. Just because everyone doesn’t see, doesn’t mean I don’t. Bad hair can make me feel just as homely as an ill fitting shirt. It is a matter of good grooming and self-care.

I am ok with having my hair out in public for a brief time just as I am ok with the male chiropractor putting his hands on my back or hips. It is not a long process, I feel better afterwards. Given a convenient option to have my hair cut in private I would take it, but nothing seems to be forthcoming. Until such a time, every few months or so, I’ll doff my cap to have my locks cropped.

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