I ice skate and I also live for my Quads (geek for roller skates).



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Ice Skating

I went shopping on Sunday so I could go iceskating as well as to the gym. This was the outfit I wore (more or less) skating on Sunday. I’ll just wear the same thing minus the sweater and warm toque to the gym. I’ll cover my head with a running toque.


Ten minute video with three different muslim women. One is dressed in the secular fashion, one hijab and one niquab.


All right ladies (and gents) we’re looking for some good stuff from you out there in cyber space.

  1. Blog links. This can be your blog or just ones you love.
  2. Pictures of your favourite modest attire. You define what is modest here. These can be of you or links to your favourite shopping site. But make sure it’s an outfit.
  3. Articles about modesty, fashion and maybe some feminism in there.
  4. I’m looking for Guest Contributors. That’s right, you may not want to write an entire blog but you’ve probably got a good idea floating around in that head of yours. You could do this with a friend or by yourself. You can interview someone or rant against something.Send an outline or basic summary. 250 words or less. I’ll pick up to 5 and we’ll figure out what time works best for you. If you’ve got a blog or LJ and you’ve written something that you already feel is awesome, it could be cross posted. But please still include a brief summary.

Email your links and pics in and I’ll put together a post for #1-3 of the best. Please be sure to include the appropriate subject in your email: Interactive + [Blog Link; Picture; Article; Guest Contribution]

I’m going to have to figure out what a good prize would be. If you’ve got a good prize idea comment below.

Looking forward to all the fun things coming my way!


The Fitness Dilema

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find clothes I feel comfy in and can exercise in. Not the easiest. I will likely have to break a four-year “dry spell” and purchase pants.

I currently roller skate in “workout tights” and an above the knee flounced skirt. I wear a high-cut neckline and long sleeves. The sleeves go under the elbow and wrist protection so the gear doesn’t get quick as  . . . pungent.

I am going to start going to the gym next week – personal trainer is all lined up. I got a hell of a deal (reads: free). I’ve got the longer cotton shirts but I’ll need to start doing something a bit different than a frilly skirt over snug leggings. The thought of pants is still making me a little crazy. Shorts somehow feel better. Being budget conscious I also want these leg coverings to work for ice skating.

Yes, ice skating. My husband grew up playing the oh-so-Canadian Pond Hockey. He loves to skate. So in an effort to find something to do together I ran out and purchased my very first pair of recreational figure skates. I’ve skated on ice before with varying results but figure the recent resurgence in roller skating will at least help me with some more muscle control and some of the techniques cross-over (I can do those) but my goodness the blades seem really thin when switching from quads (geek for roller skate).

I digress.

The hair thing is fairly easy when it comes to roller. I wear a running hat underneath my helmet. Ice skating lends itself well to a toque. I figure for working out I can use the same running cap to keep my hair out of my face. I’m a tad worried about pilates, which the trainer recommended I do for balance and core work. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Any suggestions would be helpful.

An interesting video about a star high school athlete who is also a hijabi.


I’ve been poking around on the net looking for some good modest sports attire. I found something that I thought some of you might be interested in. Hijab for Swimming. It’s not a Burquini and seems to me that you wouldn’t feel too out-of-place. Does anyone own one?


Yes, the last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy but now that September has graciously made its exit things can, perhaps, fall into a routine.

Mind Your Plate! Or Should You Mind His?

Mind Your Plate is an Ortho-ism referring to fasting that I first heard on the Our Life in Christ pod-cast. Fasting is part of pastoral discretion. There are guidelines that, in general, everyone will follow. Then there are those who, under the direction of their priest, wont follow all or any of the general rules.

The question: Who is responsible for a man’s wandering mind, you or him?

There are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to why we cover and who’s responsible for  lusty thoughts caused by various modes of dress. At the extreme ends of the spectrum the theories are:

  1. Men are entirely responsible for their own thoughts regardless of what a woman does not cover.
  2. Women are entirely responsible for instigating men’s inappropriate thoughts – so cover up.

My personal thoughts fall somewhere in the middle.

I think ultimately you cannot control or prevent men from being the visually motivated creatures they are.  Denying men are visual creatures is disingenuous. It is not a slight or insult to men. It is a simple fact. Nothing more and nothing less. Nor can you control or prevent any particular thought or thought process.

You cannot hold a woman entirely responsible for the thoughts or actions of a man regardless of her clothing. However, going out barely dressed will elicit certain reactions and she should be cognisant of that fact. It is not that she deserves cat-calls or that she should be assumed to be “easy” but that we must all take responsibility for how we interact with the world.

Two clichés come to mind: “Actions speak louder than words” and “We teach people how to treat us.” In the context of our clothing and men (though I suppose women really should be included for the sake of political correctness) this means our clothing shows the world what we think of ourselves and how we expect to interact with the people around us.

A scantily clad woman, perhaps unfairly, indicates that she has little to offer. She offers the world what little she believes she possesses. A woman who is more modestly attired demonstrates her pride in herself. She knows that she has much to offer the world; they can enjoy her company if they demonstrate their respect towards her.

There is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us and not we them; we may make them take the mould of arm or breast, but they would mould our hearts, our brains, our tongues to their liking.  ~Virginia Woolf

I do not get dressed in the morning thinking about whether or not the men of the general public will be staring at me. I do think about if I’m going to flop out of my clothes or if I’m going to be comfortable with the amount of coverage. I do think about showing too much.

The way I dress, or any other woman dresses, cannot excuse the inappropriate behaviour of some men. We must all be responsible for ourselves. But I expect respect, and not to be treated as a “pretty girl.” I, therefore, dress the part.

It is a difficult issue. There is no “good answer.” I think as long as there are people we will run into these kinds of issues. I think that humans will continue to use their bodies and minds to manipulate and control in certain situations.