Scarf at Curch

Well church went far better than expected. Grandpa didn’t even mention the scarf. I’ve been wearing them all week so maybe he figured he’d better save his breath. He’d say something like that too.

The real surprise came when I went to visit my maternal grandma again. “you know, I hope you don’t mind ms saying so, but if you keep wearing bandanas you can make your hair fall out.”

“Well Grandma, no one will see it anyway. But given mom’s hair and your hair I’m doomed anyway. Both of you got thinner hair as you aged. And there wasn’t much to start with either!”

Good natured chuckles and a humorous conversation about wigs and what style I’d wear ensued.

Now I’m feeling a bit paranoid that I’m going to make myself bald by wearing a headscarf all the time. Oh well, I’ll get over it. Either that, or I’ll check my head obsessively each evening to make sure I’m not getting patches.

I’m hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule by next week.



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