Take Your Hat Off and Stay Awhile

Ok, it’s been too long. Way too long. ( this post brought to you by my iPhone and Jet-lag).

I’m currently visiting family in Southern Ontario. After getting picked up at the airport and arriving “home,” my grandpa, dear man that he is, bruskly tells me to ” take off [my] hat and stay awhile.”

“I’m fine.”

Excited chatter continues for less than five minutes.

“Take off your hat and stay a while.”

“Really, I’m ok. Thank you.”

The next day I figure to eliminate the “Hat Issue” I would grab one of my scarves and cover up that way. I should have known the issue just wouldn’t die. Grandpa made some comment while his wife ( I should give her her own title, for now GW) was around.

Now, GW, is on of the kindest, sweetest people with a good sense of humor I ever had the pleasure of meeting (and now we’re related!). Driving the three of us after work, she’s got an over sized srunchy-esk thing in her hair. She pipes up, “Well I’ve got my hair covered up.”

“That’s just your bun. CUC has all of it covered. And why do you do that anyway?”

I’ve gotten good at dealing with my mom and my friends but my extended family I have nearly no practice with. I’d barely been covering a year the last time I came to visit. So the only flustered reply I could muster was, “Why not?!”

Not one of my most confident moments. Church is tomorrow. We shall see if grandpa tries to make a stink. I won’t leave without my hair uncovered and I’m sure as heck not setting foot inside a church without being properly covered.

This could get unfortunately and sadly interesting.


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