Interactive CUC!

All right ladies (and gents) we’re looking for some good stuff from you out there in cyber space.

  1. Blog links. This can be your blog or just ones you love.
  2. Pictures of your favourite modest attire. You define what is modest here. These can be of you or links to your favourite shopping site. But make sure it’s an outfit.
  3. Articles about modesty, fashion and maybe some feminism in there.
  4. I’m looking for Guest Contributors. That’s right, you may not want to write an entire blog but you’ve probably got a good idea floating around in that head of yours. You could do this with a friend or by yourself. You can interview someone or rant against something.Send an outline or basic summary. 250 words or less. I’ll pick up to 5 and we’ll figure out what time works best for you. If you’ve got a blog or LJ and you’ve written something that you already feel is awesome, it could be cross posted. But please still include a brief summary.

Email your links and pics in and I’ll put together a post for #1-3 of the best. Please be sure to include the appropriate subject in your email: Interactive + [Blog Link; Picture; Article; Guest Contribution]

I’m going to have to figure out what a good prize would be. If you’ve got a good prize idea comment below.

Looking forward to all the fun things coming my way!



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