Smoking Lily Find

For any of you who don’t know the Smoking Lily it’s all kinds of dangerous, expensive fun. Beautiful screen printed garments and accessories – And local to boot.

While at Smoking Lily this past Sunday, my friend, Skate Coach, and I had a lovely chat with the woman working there. It turns out you can get any print you like on any shirt you like at no extra charge. I didn’t ask but I’m hoping that this means I can get the singular large prints that usually appear on the front on the back.  How fantastic would that be? Beautiful prints and no one staring at my torso!

Anywhoo, that is somewhat besides the point. While in the tiny pit that has long tried to lure vast sums of money from my wallet, Skate Coach happened to find a bin of scarves. $8 scarves. Below are the two that I followed me home. I went to Smoking Lily, bought two things, and spent only $16. Miracles occur everyday people. You just need to know where to look. On Sunday, that miracle could be found in my bank account balance.


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