O Ye Who Art Oppressed!

I can no longer count how many times I’ve been told I’m not liberated, or oppressed. That’s so cute.  It’s self oppression then. So I suppose I’ll tell you why I “oppress” myself.

I of course don’t see what I do as oppression. The comments I get telling me to “show my beauty,” and “If you got it, flaunt it,” that’s oppression.

The one liner that I have come up with is, “My hair, just like the rest of me, is my business. No one has the right to see it.” But the extended version is we are sacred beings created in God’s image. The body is as sacred as the spirit. This body, this temple has been given to me to care for. Respect for myself, and yes my husband dictates that I keep much of myself to myself. Religious or not we don’t run all over the sacred (or Sacred).  It is cared for, cherished and shared with but a few.

Think of how precious a secret was when you were a child. It was even better if you shared it with only your best friend. It lost value the more people knew about it.

Please do not assume that I am saying that as people we lose our value if we are less covered than I choose to be. I cover myself the way I feel I should and need to. I have been seen walking down the street with ladies in short skirts, low-cut tops and everything in between. I do my best not to judge. It simply isn’t my place. I have been judged enough for my choices. (We’ll touch more on short skirts and low tops later.)

The bottom line is, no I am not oppressed. I think being told that the more I show the more liberated I am is oppression. I think if this is your thought process you should reexamine why you feel this way. I will acknowledge that there are women in the world who are required to cover as a means of oppression. That doesn’t mean we all are. For some, it is a means of expressing ourselves and our beliefs that others have no right to our person. Is that not the very definition of liberation?


Think I’m wrong? Tell me why! (Just be polite.)


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