How Covered?

My standards roughly follow the Jewish standards in terms of coverage.  I cover, more or less, to the elbow. I don’t show cleavage  and skirts generally come to my knee or just above. My hair is covered in public or in my home when there are men other than my husband present.

Religiously speaking modest dress within my parish (OCA Orthodox Christian) is not regulated but supported.  During a liturgy it is not uncommon to see women covering their hair. At times such as lent it is likely you will see some more women covering their hair. No one really pays much attention to whether you cover you hair or not. The manner in which you cover and how much you hide is up to you. Young or old, married or single you might or might not cover you hair during service.

I am still something of an anomaly even within my parish or religious group. I cover (read hide my hair from the world) all the time. People are still a bit confused by it and attribute it to my excentric self. The most flak comes from my feminist (ish) mom and a couple of people whom I have known for some time. Generally I don’t find that strangers notice or say anything. I will usually use a hat or a large scarf knotted at the back of my head. I just look like the local hippies. They’re everywhere here.

I invite your comments about your standards, especially how you’ve come to your standards. If they are dictated by your religious group, tell me about how you may have struggled to follow those withing a culture that is less accepting of modesty.


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